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Every fraud case (a.k.a. "white collar crime") is committed by and with persons. Behavioral Forensics is the art and science of understanding why people commit or allow fraud to occur.  It's a new field, refusing to see "greed" as the only motivation, drilling deeper into the emotions at work in white collar crime.  We launched this field with our book, A.B.C.'s of Behavioral Forensics.

Behavioral Forensics Group

The Behavioral Forensics Group™ LLC has grown to a team of professionals with deep experience in detecting fraud, understanding why it's committed, and suggesting steps to mitigate fraud incidence.  We specialize in fraud by executives. And we focus on the minds of fraudsters to help organizations mitigate this costly and hard-to-spot activity.

The fields of investigation, law enforcement, organizational psychiatry, accounting and behavioral forensics are all within the Behavioral Forensics Group™ LLC (see our impressive team credentials). Acting to help organizations prevent, find, and/or reduce fraud, B4G™ is a premier, pioneering practice in this field.  And we are here to help you.

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