Behavioral Forensics Group, LLC (B4G™)

Fraud Prevention and Deterrence Services

Behavioral Forensics Group
Behavioral Forensics Group

”Audits do not always catch fraud”

When all the standard computer and accounting checklists have been completed, the fraud prevention plans are still incomplete. The Services of the B4G™ specialists round out a complete fraud prevention and deterrence strategy.

Fraud Prevention, Deterrence, and Investigation Support

Our services address situations faced by organizations across the fraud lifecycle:

  • They have a (potential or existing) fraud problem that could be very material to success and/or existence.
  • They lack resources to deal with the fraud problem before, during, and/or after its occurrence.
Behavioral Forensics Group

B4G™ presents an array of services designed to respond to both factors:

  • Psychology lies at the root of all white collar crime. Conventional anti-fraud tools and techniques often miss this fact.
  • We are your resources to guide your efforts surrounding white collar crime (fraud).
  • We have the experience and insight to develop solutions across the fraud lifecycle from all sides of the Fraud Triangle (psychology) and the Dark Triad Personality (the psychiatry behind predatory leadership).

Our services available to you: Prevention, Deterrence, and Investigation to uncover the sources of fraudulent acts.

Prevention and Deterrence Services to Create a Fraud-Resistant Ecology

  • Consultation on judgment factors critical to content and style of leadership.
  • Providing insight on detecting deception, using interpersonal and/or accounting methods.
  • Design and execution of programs to deepen ties to and within the organization (“The Loyalty Effect”).
  • Development of clarity of insight so that employees will know how predatory leaders (Dark Triad Personalities) manipulate and bully others into committing fraud.
  • Education on interpersonal and accounting methods of deception.
  • Assisting employees with whistleblower strategies and organizational codes of ethics.
  • Specialized services based on Hertzberg’s relative theory of money and Festinger’s cognitive/affective dissonance theory.

Services for Uncovering the Sources of Fraudulent Acts

  • Assessment of and education for finding blind spots in judgment or weak governance oversight.
  • Methods of fraud discovery using behavioral forensics interviewing.
  • Assistance in development of investigative and interview strategies.
  • Strategies for the encouragement of potential whistle-blowers to come forward with tips and assessment of hotline issues.
  • Detection of a host of decision traps, arising from the use of heuristics and biases.

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