Client Comments

President, U.S. Subsidiary of Company based outside of U.S.

“Joe (Koletar) found things in three days that I had missed for five years.”

General Counsel, New Owners of Entity Purchased

“We’ve had two prior reviews of their financials, and Joe (Koletar) got to the root issue by interviewing former employees. Their accounting personnel had been double-counting inventory.

Corporate Counsel re: financial manipulations by branch manager

“We always had questions about the financials, but we loved seeing the numbers.”

Corporate CFO

after hearing Joe Koletar’s report of revenue recognition irregularities in a field sales office. Three more offices were found doing it too.

“We never thought of that.”

Neel Venkatachalam, Region Head, Americas, Global Assurance, ArcelorMittal.

“I have no hesitation in strongly recommending the Behavioral Forensics Group to provide training or assist your team to deal with all aspects of the fraud life cycle….”

More to come!